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Cardboard Utopia was started from the belief that the best, most cherished games are the ones that engage you through gameplay, story, and characters. Games that are not just flashy experiences that leave your thoughts once you put down the controller, but make you think, plan, question and discuss. These are the things that create memories for future years. These are the types of games we make.

Founded in Montreal, Quebec, the game development capital of Canada, we are currently developing a Tactical JRPG that plays off our love of classic games like Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics, but with a modern, boardgame twist.

Dawn at Last CMF Prod Video

Dawn at Last!


CMF Innovation Application Video

It's been few hundred years since the fall of civilization, and since that time your clan has been wondering an apocalyptic hellscape in search of a new homeland to settle. Finally, it seems you've found the perfect spot to build your new community... if it weren't for the poisonous miasma choking the landscape, bloodthirsty wildlife and armies of nocturnal BioZod freaks intent on wiping out your fledgling civilization!

Thank goodness your ancestors have been stockpiling ammo all those centuries, cause you're gonna need it; the people elected you Savior, time to earn the title! And while you're at it, make sure to upgrade your outposts, batten down the hatches, and scour the countryside for anything that gives you a leg-up on the enemy. This land is rich in resources and long-forgotten artifacts that could turn the tide in battle; use them wisely and with a bit of luck you might just survive to see the dawn. You'll encounter more than a few mysteries on your adventure - could all this have something to do with the ancient ruins buried beneath your feet? No time to ask why, right now it's shoot first and save the questions for the sequel!

Dawn at Last! is a single-player or online co-op build-and-protect top-down shooter where players need to build their settlement, manage their resources, and explore the wilderness during the day. But watch that clock, because at night, when the monsters come, it's time to load your guns for some intense twin-stick action!