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Cardboard Utopia was started from the belief that the best, most cherished games are the ones that engage you through gameplay, story, and characters. Games that are not just flashy experiences that leave your thoughts once you put down the controller, but make you think, plan, question and discuss. These are the things that create memories for future years. These are the types of games we make.

Founded in Montreal, Quebec, the game development capital of Canada, we are currently developing a Tactical JRPG that plays off our love of classic games like Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics, but with a modern, boardgame twist.

RPG Town CMF Proto Video

RPG Town


CMF PRototype Application Video

In the town of Burgsville, small businesses thrive, seasonal festivals are joyous and vastly attended, and everyone helps their neighbour. It would be an idyllic quiet hamlet… if it weren’t for those pesky heroes.

Indeed, Burgsville happens to be right on Call-to-Adventure Road, and must suffer a constant influx of heroes and “chosen ones” stopping by seeking food, useful goods, a shelter for the night, or good deeds to perform. At first, the citizens of Burgsville warmly welcomed these champions and their substantial disposable incomes… until they started to overstay that welcome.

Heavily taxed by an epidemic of home invasion, theft, gluttony, pathological destruction of property (with sometimes seemingly no motive!), the morale of Burgsville’s townsfolk is rapidly decreasing, and many are threatening to leave.  

As the City Council, will you manage to save your beloved town from the scourge of unabashed heroism?

RPG Town is a town and community management game where, rather than playing the hero, the player plays as the town itself, which must attempt to survive its lucrative but quality-of-life threatening heroes and adventure-seekers’ tourism industry...

RPG town proposes 1) a classic city management game’s structure, enhanced with 2) character-focused mechanics and systems, and 3) board games-inspired modifier decks and an original difficulty customization system, combined with 4) an avalanche of well-known RPG tropes flipped on their heads, to create an adaptative, engaging and hilarious experience!