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Cardboard Utopia was started from the belief that the best, most cherished games are the ones that engage you through gameplay, story, and characters. Games that are not just flashy experiences that leave your thoughts once you put down the controller, but make you think, plan, question and discuss. These are the things that create memories for future years. These are the types of games we make.

Founded in Montreal, Quebec, the game development capital of Canada, we are currently developing a Tactical JRPG that plays off our love of classic games like Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics, but with a modern, boardgame twist.

Good News Everybody!


All the news that fit to print!

Good News Everybody!

Mariko McDonald

Execution Labs Logo

First off I wanted to apologize for the lack of updates recently. We've had a lot of very exciting things happening, but we had to keep them secret until just now. Specifically, as of January 26, 2015 we are officially part of the Execution Labs accelerator program!

What does this mean?

Well, mostly it means that we are getting help with securing funding and building Cardboard Utopia into a sustainable studio, as well as office space and access to mentors for the next three months. It's an intense program and we've had to hit the ground running, but we are both super excited to have been chosen and honoured to be working with the other amazing teams in our cohort, including teams from Romania and Slovenia. You can find more details about Execution Labs and the other teams with us in the pre-production program on their website.

Being accepted into the program has also prompted us to rethink our schedule and funding plans somewhat, meaning that we've decided to push back our crowdfunding campaign to this fall. Choosing to do this later in our development schedule means that we'll have a lot more game to show when we get there and also that we won't have to interrupt development for a whole month to run the campaign.

As far as where we are in the development process, we're using our time at Execution Labs to put together a vertical combat slice that will allow us to do some closed playtesting and make sure the card-based combat system is as balanced and fun as it needs to be. We still have a ways to go before we'll be ready to show things off in public, but here's a little SUPER-ROUGH, UNFINISHED, NOT PRODUCTION, glimpse at what we're going for at the moment.

Seriously guys, this is not an in-game image. 

Seriously guys, this is not an in-game image. 

Finally, we're gonna be hitting the road. I'll be attending GDC and PAX East this year while our artist, Eric, will also be at PAX East showing off the combat system we're hard at work on. We'll have more details about both these trips as the approach, but we'd love to see you and chat about where we are with WoZ.